The #1 risk to avoid when importing from China & why every order needs a QC ASK NILS EPS14

August 16, 2017 No comments exist

  • Why you need to perform a QC every time you order!

  • When to do the control?

  • Getting you aware of your risk.




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If you have a question, go to to send Nils a voice message or an email, and he will answer it on the show, so we can all learn from each other. He wants to not only attract a lot of listeners, but to build a community where we can interact and share experiences when sourcing with China.

Nils received no question this week. Instead, he browsed Facebook. Our Facebook group is located at Many people online asked if they should skip quality control to get their goods as soon as possible. Nils found many of the answers disturbing, stating it’s not required for a small or repeat order. It is absolutely necessary to do quality control before your goods leave China, every single time.

(03:00) Don’t have your factory run quality control. Hire another party to visit the factory while they’re in production, or at any moment before they are shipped away from the factory, they can check it for “usually” just a few hundred dollars. This cost is nothing compared to what you stand to lose. You’d have to send that inventory back and deal with huge headaches communicating with the factory. Factories “may” reproduce your item but usually won’t refund your money. The benefits really outweighed the risks.

(05:50) There were two parts to the question: first, is quality control necessary for a small order quantity? The second part asked if it was still needed for a second, third, fourth order, and so on. Many things could change between those orders. For example, it’s not uncommon for the manufacturer to change. The factory workers or management could change. They could change materials to save money. If you don’t control that, you’re risking that extra hassle and money. Do quality control for every single order, with any goods.

(07:00) This carries for any category. For example, if you sell a food item or supplement, have samples sent into a lab for verification. You don’t want to be responsible for hurting a human business, which hurts your reputation and could lose your Amazon account. If you’re sourcing something that “could” be dangerous, check them every time.

(08:55) One more thing about getting knowledge from Facebook: who is answering your question? What knowledge do they have? Have they bought something from China? Ask if they had that situation and don’t blindly trust someone’s advice from Facebook.

Always run quality control with every order before your goods leave China.

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