How to find your Sourcing Agent? 16 questions you need to ask when hiring your Import Pro from China! EPS11

August 5, 2017

  • How to find a sourcing agent

  • What to ask the agent in the interview

  • Why there are good and bad agents + how to avoid the bad ones



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  1. How long are you sourcing already?

  2. What does the Sourcing process look like?

  3. Are you sourcing for Amazon sellers?

  4. Do you have a warehouse?

  5. How many products a month/ week/ day can you source for me?

  6. Which niche do you focus on?

  7. Are you confirm with labelling and shipping preparation?

  8. Do you have standard packaging suppliers?

  9. What do you charge?

  10. Is it included that you provide 3-5 quotes from different suppliers?

  11. How does the reorder process look like?

  12. Are you willing to share the supplier contact?

  13. Can I use my own forwarder?

  14. When and how to pay you?

  15. What are the best ways to communicate with you?

  16. Ask nice specific questions about documents etc. to test

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