How to save BIG on shipping samples from China ASK NILS EPS04

July 18, 2017 No comments exist


  • How to save shipping costs for samples

  • Where to find trustworthy people to check your samples



Today’s question is a voice message from Brian. He submitted it at If you have any questions, topic suggestions, things you like, or things you don’t like, go to that address and send a message.

The product Brian is sourcing is heavy and he has to order lots of samples. He has to throw away many of his samples and doesn’t want to waste money.

Find an agent that bundles your samples and sends them to you in one shipment. That works for something smaller than a bench, but if you have something bigger or heavier, ship them to a single location in China, fly to China yourself to visit a trade show and inspect the items while you are in the country.

(02:10) Another option if you don’t have time to come to China: find someone in China you trust to make decisions on quality. You could go to expat blogs and reach out to people, or find foreigners who are living in China who are related to your industry. Send your samples to those people and have them give you their impressions based on a phone call or video Skype call. Then, only ship your favorite samples or the ones that look best to you.

(03:00) This isn’t very easy but browse in expat blogs and forums to find people living in China. Nils has a friend from Europe who is setting up this service to create a video and send you a quality impression. If this service doesn’t exist yet, you can contact Nils and he will pass you along to one of his project managers.

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Next episode, we’ll cover how you can get the best prices from Chinese factories.

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