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September 15, 2017

3 Hacks: How to avoid shipping costs for samples SAVE BIG TIP EPS19

Here is what you save: 4 sample at 50-80$ VS 39$ Before: 200-320$ After: 156$ SAVING: between 44-164$ + 1-2 Weeks 9 sample at 50-80$ VS 34$ Before: 450-720$ After: 306$ SAVING: between 144-414$ + 1-2 Weeks 15 sample at 50-80$ VS 29$ Before: 750-1.200$ After: 435$ SAVING: between 315-765$ + 1-2 Weeks Resources: Easy … READ MORE & TUNE IN

September 2, 2017

Evolution of private labelling with Neil & Karen Gwartzman EPS18

How Private labelling evolved Why starting a brand today is easy How you can benefit from the Private Label University Resources: Private Label University Resources: 5 day bootcamp Import success formular China Training Event Private Label secrets – The Book   Today is a special episode with two awesome guests: husband and … READ MORE & TUNE IN

August 30, 2017

How to find the right supplier (PHASE 2) and minimize your risk when sourcing in China (6 Phase Sourcing) EPS17

How to avoid risks when choosing a supplier Why you always need a backup factory Why a good product price is not the only criteria for a good supplier Resources: Every Wednesday, Nils gives you answers to your questions. If you have a question about sourcing or launching a product, fairs in … READ MORE & TUNE IN

August 26, 2017

Why Chinese Competition will steal your Amazon FBA income – Europe is next! EPS16

The rise of factories in China How Chinese apply different strategies What you can do to protect yourself (and your income) Resources: ASK NILS Facebook Group Today we’ll talk about competition from China. United States sellers know that there’s more and more competition from Chinese competition on Amazon. We’re not seeing it as much in … READ MORE & TUNE IN

August 19, 2017

Bad News: Your product selling criteria are outdated! Phase No.1 (6 Phase Sourcing) EPS15

Why your criteria is outdated. How you can screw your competition Easy ways of unfollow everyone else Resources: ASK NILS Facebook Group Alibaba CASHCOWPRO 6 phase sourcing (EPS9) We’re excited that you choose to take time out of your day to chit-chat with Nils about Amazon and today, the starting point when you first begin … READ MORE & TUNE IN

August 16, 2017

The #1 risk to avoid when importing from China & why every order needs a QC ASK NILS EPS14

Why you need to perform a QC every time you order! When to do the control? Getting you aware of your risk. Resources: ASK NILS Facebook Group If you have a question, go to to send Nils a voice message or an email, and he will answer it on the show, so we can … READ MORE & TUNE IN

August 12, 2017

Canton Fair, Global Sources, Mega Show – Key takeaways for Chinas biggest Exhibitions EPS13

Dates and summary of Fairs Tips for handeling China What is the right Fair for you Resources: ASK NILS Facebook Group Express VPN China/ Hong Kong Sim Card   CANTON FAIR: Phase 1 : Oct. 15-19, 2017 > big stuff Phase 2 : Oct. 23-27, 2017 > gifts, home decoration, consumer goods Phase 3 : … READ MORE & TUNE IN

August 9, 2017

How to SAVE BIG on Product Images + $$$ picture converting tips with Theodore O’Mahony (Interview) ASK NILS EPS12

Why high-quality product images are so important How to create pictures that convert How to SAVE BIG on product images Get 10% off when mentioning The Easy Peasy Sourcing Podcast Resources: eCargo eStudio -> Get Your Product Images Theodore’s LinkedIn ASK NILS Facebook Group  Sample Images from eStudio

August 5, 2017

How to find your Sourcing Agent? 16 questions you need to ask when hiring your Import Pro from China! EPS11

How to find a sourcing agent What to ask the agent in the interview Why there are good and bad agents + how to avoid the bad ones Resources: ASK NILS Facebook Group Minted Sourcing  

August 2, 2017

How you beat your competition on Amazon FBA and in wholesale ASK NILS EPS10

How to differentiate your product Why lots of competitors launch with you together Why lots of suppliers offer the same identical item How you can find products that your completion can’t Resources: ASK NILS Facebook Group Fair Report Today we’ll talk about how to stand out (differentiate yourself) and win over your competition on Amazon. … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 29, 2017

(6 Phase Sourcing) Successful import from China made easy peasy EPS09

How to import your product from China in 6 Steps Where to get an overview for the product costs before contacting suppliers What can be criteria’s for your supplier choice How to know if your supplier is trustworthy Why product development takes so long time Resources: We’re talking about the six steps … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 26, 2017

How to get MICRO quantity orders by using Chinese Platforms (insider tip) ASK NILS EPS08

How you can get tiny quantity orders with your logo and packaging Why I recommend you another way More ways to pack your products How to split test to find winning variations Resources: Tony sent a message via (on the contact form, but you can send a voice message as … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 22, 2017

Ridiculously Obvious! The ONE Secret to avoid product sourcing frustration EPS07

How Chinese mentality is different How to avoid your headaches Why you have to mention even obvious points Resources: This will relate to you if you’ve ever sourced any product in China. You may have encountered this: you order one sample and the factory mixes up the one thing that was very obvious. … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 20, 2017

Why moving to China speeds up your business (experience tip) ASK NILS EPS06

When is the right time to move What to consider What to expect Why being in China boosts you business Resources: Nils just interviewed someone who owns a factory in China. He revealed tons of valuable insights and you don’t want to miss it. Go to and subscribe via email to get … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 19, 2017

3 tips to get the BEST PRICES from Chinese factories! (Guideline) EPS05

How to look big Using bad cop – good cop Mistakes to avoid when approaching suppliers How to negotiate with your factory Resources: Today you’ll learn how to look serious in front of factories, and why you pay a higher price than locals. First, thanks for subscribing, and thanks for the … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 18, 2017

How to save BIG on shipping samples from China ASK NILS EPS04

  How to save shipping costs for samples Where to find trustworthy people to check your samples Resources: Today’s question is a voice message from Brian. He submitted it at If you have any questions, topic suggestions, things you like, or things you don’t like, go to that address and send a … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 17, 2017

Is your factory changing terms? How to control your supplier! ASK NILS EPS03

  How to have the control over your supplier Why you need 2 suppliers and not only 1 for your product What you can do when your factory want to change terms How to negotiate   Resources: Today Nils will answer Anton’s question from If you also have a question, go … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 16, 2017

How to send Money to Chinese Factories ASK NILS EPS02

Why “secure” payments are important Why you need to make a QC every time you order How to avoid expenses and hassle Resources:   Nils will answer a question from Nicolas (he used the contact form at to ask this question) regarding a supplier that only accepts bank payments and doesn’t want … READ MORE & TUNE IN

July 15, 2017

Sourcing THE RIGHT WAY! 3 methods for your import from China EPS01

Why sourcing with agents is better than Alibaba Risks of working with an agent Why you must visit the Canton Fair & Hong Kong Fairs How to source on Alibaba Resources: Summary: Sourcing in China is easy-peasy. Your host Nils will talk about how to source in China the right way … READ MORE & TUNE IN